See the Big Picture

Are you making decisions based on guess work or actual data? Let's equip you with better statistics and trends to help you make better decisions.



Each member of the church is assigned to a family to make management of membership easy. Get a detailed snapshot of your church with a click of a button.


Track attendance of categories and groups in your Church. Customise the system to gather the information you want — without limits

Church Groups

By linking directly to an individual's details, it easy to keep track of who's in which group. Gather statistics over time and generate reports from that data.

Event Management

See all your events from a single view. Visualise what's going on and quickly plan an appropriate date for your next event.

Reports that Matter

Get relevant reports on all aspect of the church, groups, membership, givings, attendance etc. We even make sure to present the reports in the form of a pretty graphs.

Analysis of Data

Let's help you discover meaningful patterns in your data using our percentage change analytics, forecast analytics, chart and numerical analytics.


Get instant overview of your finances. Church members can give online using various integrated payment platforms.


Get a complete register for Birth Registration, Marriage Registration, Death Registration, Baptism Registration,Prayer Requests etc.

Txt Messaging

Send SMS text messages to people and groups.

Email People & Groups

Email people and groups with the click of a button.

Professional Support

Church Office support is provided by the same team of developers that built it, meaning you're guaranteed to be helped by one of our team of experts, every time.

Solid Hosting

Running on dedicated hardware with multiple links directly to the backbone of the internet infrastructure, Church Office is available when you need it, whenever you need it. With SSL encryption, dedicated server hardware and state-of-the-art physical security at our data centre,

Back Ups

In order to ensure your data is 100% safe, dual backups are performed on a daily basis to separate physical servers in different locations.

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Get the Mobile Apps for Church Members

Church Office Android

Provides on-the-go access to church members using Android to connect with their church

Church Office iOS

Provides on-the-go access to church members using iOS to connect with their church

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