Download for Free

You can download ChurchOffice for free and install on your server. Please read through the system requirements and Installation instructions carefully.

ChurchOffice is developed using PHP, thus it has to be run on a web server. ChurchOffice is not an installable program. If you don't understand what this means, speak to your church's IT department or see our How to Intall page.

The FREE version comes with limited modules. If you need more functionalities, you can buy additinal modules.

Free Modules included

Membership Module

Manage your church members, be it adult, youth or child. Manage your visitors and record your evangelism activities.

Communication Module

Communicate with your church members, visitors and non-members using SMS and Email. Communication module is built from ground up to be context sensitive.

Administration Module

Manage administrators of the system. Define customized roles and assign to your administrators.