What is my Church ID?

Your Church ID is the same as your account ID. That is, the unique name you chose when you signed up.

What is the default password for a new member?

The default password for members is member

How do I get access to a demo account to try it out?

The demo account can be accessed by going to https://demo.churchoffice.info. Use Username: admin and Password: admin

How much does it cost to sign up?

Nothing, download it for free. You get access to membership, communication, administration and settngs modules for free. If you want to make your ChurchOffice more powerfull, you can by additional modules.

Do I have to pay for SMS?

Yes. You can buy the bulk SMS in any quantity you want from us. The good part is, you are not forced to use it within a specified time period.

Does the system support multiple currencies?

No. our finance module is not accounting or payroll software. It is used primarily for tracking givings, pledges and simple expenses in your church.