What is my Church ID?

Your Church ID is the same as your account ID. That is, the unique name you chose when you signed up. If you ChurchOffice link is https://demo.churchoffice.info, your church ID is demo.

What is the default password for a new member?

The default password for members is member

How do I get access to a demo account to try it out?

The demo account can be accessed by going to https://demo.churchoffice.info. Use Username: admin and Password: admin

How much does it cost to sign up?

We charge per the number of church members you have. It starts from $10 a month. Talk to us and we will give you the breakdown.

Do I have to pay for SMS?

Yes. Usage of SMS is not part of the monthly fee. You buy the bulk SMS in any quantity you want from us. The good part is, you are not forced to use it within a specified time period.

Does the system support multiple currencies?

No. It is inherently problematic. There is no software that supports multiple currencies by allowing you to put multiple currency denominated transactions into one account.
To solve this, softwares like accounting system lets you create an account and designate a single currency to that account. If it is a dollar account, only dollar transactions can be recorded in it.

If we apply that principle to ChurchOffice, it means for an account like Tithe, you would have to create Tithe accounts for each currency you want to support (Tithe - USD, Tithe - EUR e.t.c). If a member gives USD this month, Euro next month, and GHS the following month, a simple query to generate a member's contribution record becomes an issue. Administrators would have to generate three (3) different reports.

Overall, you cannot see consistent records, because it will be difficult to determine if a member skipped a particular month. Reports generated like the ones we have now will become problematic to generate.

Our advice, use the current exchange rate to convert the amount to your system's default currency. You can add notes to indicate what the person actually gave.